Jason White, Chief of Police

Village of Mt. Morris Police Officers
Chad Beitel
Duane Linscott
Brian Sutter
Tim Vandesand
Bruce Wigtion

Sandy Goodwin - Deputy Clerk, Administrative Assistant

Emergency: Call 911
Non-Emergency: 815-734-4132
(24 Hours / 7 Days a Week)

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday - 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: (815) 734-4106 
Mt. Morris Police Department
105 West Lincoln Street - Mt. Morris, IL 61054
Phone: (815) 734-4106
Fax: (815) 734-7324 

Mt. Morris Police Commission Members:
Cory Buck
William Paul Anderson
Mickey Tate

The Mt. Morris Police Department is governed by the rules and regulations of the Illinois Police and Fire Commission and the bylaws thereof.

The Police Commission conducts testing and maintains a hiring list as well as a promotion list, as needed.

Formal testing is advertised in local newspapers, including but not limited to Sauk Valley Newspaper, Dixon Telegraph, Ogle County Life, Mt. Morris Times.
"Welfare Checks"

The Police Department offers a "Welfare Check" program for Citizens of the Community. The program was initiated to provide daily contact with subjects to assure their well-being. 

Persons who are registered with this program will call in to the Police Department's non-emergency phone number by a predetermined time. If a call is not received from the subject, a member of the Police Department will complete a "Welfare Check". An Officer will attempt contact via telephone, if no contact is made, the officer will respond to their residence to assure their welfare.

This program has been very successful aiding persons with acute medical conditions and fall victims.

Due to unforeseen incidents and/or call volume there can be no guarantee that a "Welfare Check" will be conducted by a specific hour. The Police Department further accepts no responsibility for a timely response and or the welfare of a subject who elects to be involved in this program.

A form for this program is available at the Police Department.
Sex Offender Registry
The information on the Registry refers only to sex offenses and/or certain crimes against children and may not reflect the entire criminal history of a particular individual. A complete public record of Illinois criminal history can be obtained from the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification.

The information contained on this site does not imply listed individuals will commit a specific type of crime in the future, nor does it imply that if a future crime is committed by a listed individual what the nature of that crime may be. ISP makes no representation as to any offender's likelihood of re-offending.

Information compiled on this Registry may not be used to harass or threaten sex offenders or their families. Harassment, stalking or threats may violate Illinois criminal law.


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